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French Paleo Burn Review – Weight Loss Program Scam?

French Paleo Burn Review

French Paleo Burn Review :The most devastating outcome of pregnancy for all women is the excessive weight gain. The stressful part is to lose that weight and the amount of effort it takes with countless diets and intense routines of exercises. Most women just give up due to the failure of the diet programs to transform their body to the way they were before.

Discouraged dieters – French Paleo Burn

Carissa Alinat was one of those mothers who were demotivated from trying out various diet plans and workout routines. It was after she met her French husband that she realized that all of the women out there had it all wrong and it was time to look towards the French lifestyle and make some serious changes. According to Carissa, 120% of the weight lost while following the crazy diet plans comes back as soon as people dessert them.

French Paleo Burn – A light in the dark 

The French Paleo Burn was developed by a 36-year old mother of three, Carissa Alinat. She was inspired greatly by French women and their carefree lifestyle. They did not count calories and did not start any insane diet plans; instead they ate everything and still remained in shape.

The French Paleo Burn is a program designed specifically for women over 35 years of age, struggling with the conventional methods of losing their weight and not succeeding. The program includes different methods of losing weight without having to cut down on your food and giving up intense routines of exercises. Carissa believed that the only way you can lose weight is to start loving your body and let go of the ineffective ways adopted by dieticians and trainers at the gym.

The secret – French Paleo Burn

There is no magical trick that is hidden inside the French Paleo Burn program; instead it directs all the attention towards how one views their body. The first way to lose fat is to let oneself be free. One of the secrets of having your dream body is to eat cheesy lasagna and scrumptious chocolate cupcakes without having any fear of putting on weight.

The program aims to make your metabolism better which in turn will burn fat faster all the while you enjoy your favorite foods. This is one of the ways to enjoy your life and finally have the body that you have always wanted. All you have to do is dump all the fat making items out of your kitchen and go shopping from the list provided by the author Carissa.

French Paleo Burn, What really is it? 

French Paleo Burn program is a simple 2-step reliable program that will help you lose weight. The diet plan involves not only losing weight completely, but also changing your body and maintaining it eternally with the effortless method provided.

One of the amazing and famous items on the program is the 50 Paleo inspired fat reducing book of recipes. This includes specialized recipes with a weight loss agenda behind them. It is very important to eat well in order to reach the goal of the perfect body. These recipes are also gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy food free as well to promote successful weight loss.

French Paleo Burn – The 2 steps to your goal weight

The first step is the fast Paleo weight reduction. This is basically in line with the lives of French women who do not go to the gym or exercise. All they do is eat healthy even if it involves cupcakes or steaks. This stage also involves mindful eating where you are required to listen to your body when feeling hungry. This element is important because Carissa is a researcher and keeping in mind what the body needs with all the nutrients is one way to lose weight. However, it goes without saying that this stage also includes gobbling down delicious food such as spaghettis and blueberry brownies. The recipes are given by Carissa’s husband who is French, hence you can eat up to anything that you want from the Paleo Burn recipe book without any limitations and at the same time lose tons of fat.

The second step in this program is the plateau buster. After losing weight in the first stage, this stage focuses on maintaining your weight in a simple and straightforward manner. Food like rice, pasta and potatoes will be incorporated in your diet along with pastries! If French women are not reducing themselves to be restrained from such appetizing desserts, Carissa feels no women should. The secret behind these pastries not playing a part in adding fat to your body is eating them at the end of your meal. Glucose does not have an efficient impact on the body when consumed at the end of a meal.

The French Paleo Burn – A revolution

The French Paleo Burn Program is indeed a breakthrough in the history of weight loss programs. Not only does it move away from the conventional weight loss techniques of going to the gym rigorously and starving oneself, instead it focuses on the mind and body and aims at freedom through their program. The success stories do reveal how Carissa through her plan has changed the lives of many through this way of life.

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