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Total Hair Regrowth Review – Hair Again Program

Total Hair Regrowth Review

Total Hair Regrowth ReviewHair Again Program: Is your hair thinning out, or rather, are you going bald? Well, you are not alone because a good chunk of other people also encounter a similar problem. Thanks to John Kelby’s “Total Hair Regrowth” ebook, you will no longer have to bear the shame that comes with walking around with a bald head. According to John Kelby’s program, it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a good percentage of your hair or even all of it. Kelby offers you simple, manageable steps that will help you grow new hair in just about 2 to 5 weeks, depending on how dedicated you are to the regimen. “Does the Total Hair Regrowth work?” Many have asked this question, so let’s see if it really does.

About the program

The Total Hair Regrowth is a book that is geared towards solving the problem of hair thinning and balding in men, and the few affected women using natural means. The book systematically shows you the leading causes of hair loss, and natural remedies that offer the necessary nutrients that stimulate the regrowth of your hair. John Kelby, the book’s author, resounds that, in just a few simple steps, you can stop your hair from falling off in 15 days and have it start growing back in just 2 to 5 weeks. The guide encourages the use of natural ingredients such as vitamins and proteins to strengthen your hair and help in its general development. In the same breath, it discourages against the consumption of alcohol, which weakens hair, and offers water as an alternative because of its nourishing properties. Once you get this book, you also get two other bonus books and two audio versions of the same, and there’s a 60-day money back guarantee attached to the Total Hair Regrowth as well.

Who’s the author?

The author of the Total Hair Regrowth as mentioned earlier is none other than John Kelby. Kelby is a renown medical researcher with years of vast experience. He also suffered complete baldness at some point in his life, which is what prompted him into seeking a permanent solution to the problem. John Kelby Thus, combined his professional expertise with his bald personal experience to carry out an extensive research that resulted in the Total Hair Regrowth; Hair Again program. The Hair Again program has today become one of the most sought after anti-balding guide for many men because it offers a natural solution that uses natural home remedies to solve hair thinning and balding problems, and it leaves no side effects.

How does the “Total Hair Regrowth “ work?

This guide is quite easy to implement. John Kelby suggests that if you spare just 3 minutes daily to follow the Total Hair Regrowth program, then there’s a high chance that in about two weeks time, you’ll start to experience positive hair results. In the early pages of this 44-page guide, you get to learn how to clear your scalp and stimulate your hair follicles to boost hair growth. You learn the different types of hair loss, what causes each and how to remedy them. Also, the importance of a healthy diet in maintaining stable hair growth is emphasized. Kelby then takes you through the necessary nutrients for hair growth. You get to explore both home-made treatments and supplements that make for good hair nutrition. The use of natural products including olive oil, aloe vera, and sesame oil is also highlighted. Kelby is quick to remind the users of the Hair Again guide that the overall results of great hair growth and a healthy scalp don’t happen overnight, and you have to be patient and follow the guide diligently to experience the desired results eventually.

Benefits of the program

Total Hair Regrowth program is a naturally effective way of having your bald head grow back into a fuller mane. Once, you get the book online and start following the regimen, and you are almost certain to get some useful benefits. Through this guide, you’ll discover a number of things:

• The scientifically proven causes of hair loss.

• The different methods used to clean your scalp and stimulate your hair follicles to improve hair growth.

• Ten useful home remedies that you can use to grow back your hair and keep it full.

• What you can do to trigger your body’s innate ability to prevent the loss or thinning of hair.

• Tips on how to make your own hair regrowing formula.

• A list of natural ingredients that you can use on your hair that have no damaging side effects.

• Tips on the best diet or nutrition for hair growth.

• Two bonus e-guides and their audio versions to help you on your hair growth journey.

• A 60-day money refund in case the program doesn’t satisfy your desired needs.

Advantages of the “Total Hair Regrowth” program

• The guide offers natural solutions for hair growth which are safe to use and don’t come with any side effects.

• The guide is quite straightforward and easy to follow, and results can be achieved quite fast.

• This ebook is available online via download which makes it cheap and easy to access.

• The regimen advocated in the book has been tried and tested by the author himself, a fact that makes it safer to use than other products.

• When you purchase this product, you also get other bonus materials.

• This guide comes with a 60-day money refund guarantee period.

Disadvantages of the program

• The program needs a significant amount of commitment since it involves a daily regimen and nutritional plans that are not that easy to follow. This factor is limiting since people with little discipline aren’t able to follow this guide to achieve the desired goals.

• The Total Hair Regrowth is an electronic downloadable product. This means that it is only available online as opposed to hard copy, a factor that limits the number of people that can access it.

Who is it for?

Although a good percentage of the people that are challenged with the problems of thinning and loss of hair are mostly men, the solutions for hair treatment, nutrition and growth offered in John Kelby’s Hair Again are equally suitable for women. So yes, women too can use this program to achieve fuller, healthier hair.


With the Total Hair Regrowth; Hair again program, you can say goodbye to medicated shampoos, hair transplants and other futile means of trying to get your hair to grow back again. You neither have to spend money on expensive yet ineffective hair products anymore nor do you need to deal with their damaging side-effects. Author John Kelby has used it himself and bares testimony of the wonders it can work on your hair, so go ahead and give the Total Hair Regrowth a try.

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