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The 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt

The 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt Program Review

Those who are tired of starving, taking up healthy diets and countless hours in the gym might be looking for an effective way of getting results. This 4-week diet by Brian Flatt review could just be what you need. There are many diet plans available on the internet, but because they don’t show results consistently, you start losing faith in them. In this article, we will talk about 4-week diet system by Brian Flatt and will explain what it is all about and how it works.

Let’s start with what 4-week diet exactly is. 4-week diet is created by Brian Flatter who is the author of the book as well. Brian Flatt is also a weight loss coach which means that we can expect some expert techniques from his diet plan. The book is a step to step guide which shows you how your body works and how can you stimulate fat cells and can increase your metabolism. Doing this will help you to lose fat and weight faster and effortlessly. The diet plans claim that you can lose up to 32 pounds of weight in just 28 days and the meantime you don’t have to starve yourself, take dieting pills or to spend hours in the gym.

4-Week diet by Brian Flatt is a PDF e-book consists of 123 pages. These 123 pages contain tips for those who need to take out the extra weight from the midsection of the body. Although it claims to reduce weight from any part of the body, it is best suited for the midsection. Because the book contains scientific ways of losing weight, that is why it is a safe method to follow. You can see a collection of before and after pictures of the users of this book on its official website and those stories might inspire you to believe again and to lose extra pounds. Although exercise is not necessary with this diet, but doing so will help you to boost your results in a short period.

Key Features of 4-week diet:

The 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt Video

You will find some features in 4 week diet from Brian Flatt. Different packages come with the book.

Launch Handbook:  The book contains a more detailed overview of the book. It introduces the 4-week diet program and let you know how it works. It also explains the working of your body and touches the concept of diet plans. With this launch book, you can learn how your hormones can affect your metabolism which then results in fat. This book also helps you to trace the cause of your overweight. The book does it by explaining why people gain weight and how it becomes hard for them to lose it. Furthermore, it guides its readers about how they can trigger fat burning hormones and can gain results.

Diet Handbook: This handbook helps you to calculate your body fat percentage and with this information how you can customize your diet plan. By telling you what and when to eat it makes the fat loss process effective. The best part is that the diet is consists of the regular groceries that can be found in a fridge easily. So, you don’t have to spend extra on a diet itself. Although you have to restrict yourself from the foods that the book wants you to avoid it does not prevent you completely from your favorite meals.

Activity Handbook: Next handbook in the package is the activity handbook. The previous handbooks help you to create a diet plan for yourself while this handbook will let you know about the activities that you have to perform to boost your fat loss results. The physical routine plan is for those who are extremely overweight. The routines are so easy that you can even perform it at home. The exercises that this handbook includes are designed to last 15 minutes or so. But by putting them together with your diet plan, you can lose fat in the shortest possible time.

Motivation Handbook: This is probably the most important book of this 4-week diet from Brain Flatt. According to the author, you can fight against your overweight only when you have a mindset to achieve your goals. This handbook will help you to transform your brain which is the most crucial part of the weight loss. It helps the reader to know that it is not an overnight process, but it takes time. This understanding is necessary for mental readiness because then you will stick to the plan and will stay focused.

Hypnosis Audio: This is the bonus that buyers will get with the package. The 4-week diet hypnosis audio works on the mind and reduces the food carvings and motivates you to take nutritious foods only. Just listen to the audio for mental alertness and change, and it will push you to take right nutritional decisions. This way you can remain on track with your diet plan and can achieve results even quicker.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this 4-week diet book.


  • The 4-week diet plan is easy and simple to follow because it involves natural processes that are not very complicated to follow.
  • The diet plan is customized to suit individually. It contains diet plan even for the vegetarians.
  • There is no involvement of hard exercises and hectic routines. But if you need some of it then there is a simplified routine to follow.
  • The diet plan is not extremely restrictive as it allows the users to enjoy their favorite meals occasionally. Which means that you can enjoy your favorite food as well.
  • Comparatively, the 4-week diet plan is not very exhausted like other plans. At the end of the diet routine, you still have the energy to perform your other tasks.
  • Because the 4-week diet by Brian Flatt is available in PDF, you can read the book on multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones.


  • Because it is new in the market, there are very few feedbacks available on the internet. Which makes it hard for the interested people to have an insight into the plan.
  • Because it claims an extreme fat loss in a short time, you can’t start it without consulting a doctor. It is advised to consult a doctor if you are underlying health conditions.

The 4-week diet by Brian Flatt’s PDF is available with the 60 days money back guarantee which means that you can trust on the program when it comes to results. It is also budget friendly and contains affordable meals to follow. There are very few similar plans available that make things easy for the user. 4-Week diet by Brian Flatt is among the list of those few, and that is why it is recommended for those who are looking for an effective way to lose weight.

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